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  • Exodus 15 – “The LORD is my strength and my song” (Part 2)

    Exodus 15 – “The LORD is my strength and my song” (Part 2)

    Structure What is the structure of this song of Moses in Exodus 15? One suggested structure could be a chiastic structure, one that has reflected ideas around a central point, as follows: V1 Introduction A: […]

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  • No Useless Acquaintances

    No Useless Acquaintances

    “Make no useless acquaintances, learn no useless skills or subjects.” This statement is attributed to Rothschild. In this age of high technology there is so much we can learn about almost anything and everything. There […]

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  • Showing Forth the Virtues of God

    Showing Forth the Virtues of God

    Since our community’s earliest days, God manifestation has been central to the Christadelphian understanding of Bible teaching. Brother Thomas wrote about the doctrine in Elpis Israel and Eureka and devoted a whole book, Phanerosis, to […]

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  • Nine Billion Cells

    Nine Billion Cells

    There is a story that Albert Einstein was once asked by some scientists if they could analyse his brain after his death. They wondered what the brain of a genius would be like. Einstein agreed […]

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  • The Bible Companion

  • Moses – Salvation through Christ