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Seek Ye First (24)

Contemporary Issues | by | Volume 29, Issue 4 | July – August 2023

He who does not work, does not eat

While we look to God to be our Provider, it does not mean we sit back and do nothing, waiting for Him to send us manna from heaven today. He will provide, but the principle is that we must also put effort in for Him to bless. The Apostle Paul was an excellent example of this:

“For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; Neither did we eat any man’s bread for nought; but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable to any of you: Not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us.” (2 Thess 3:7-9)

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Shallow Thinking

Is it true that our thinking is becoming more shallow? Are we are losing the ability to think in any depth? Nicholas Carr, the author of The Shallows,[1] thinks that the answer to both of these questions is a definite ‘Yes’; and he sets out to demonstrate that, in our modern age of ever-increasing screen usage, not only are our learning and retention habits being adversely affected, but also the very physiology of our brains is changing as a result.

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An Artificial Divinity

A unique feature of all the prophecies that deal with the last days is the concentration of global power. Daniel 2 speaks of Nebuchadnezzar’s image rising to its feet with elements of all the past empires being represented in the world today. Daniel 7 speaks of a Beast that becomes more powerful and ferocious with a little horn that seeks to change times, laws and seasons. Ezekiel 38 speaks of a massive coalition of nations, which encompasses much of the Eurasian continent. Revelation speaks of an alignment of political, religious, economic and military powers which climaxes in Armageddon.

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