Author name: Geoff Henstock

Proposed referendum for a “Voice to Parliament”

Letters to the Editor | by | Volume 29, Issue 5 | September – October 2023

Later this year the Australian Government will hold a referendum seeking approval to amend the Constitution to provide for a “Voice to Parliament” for indigenous communities. The pros and cons of this initiative are being actively debated, and discussion about it is sure to increase as the date of the referendum draws near.

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As We Grow Older

Book Review | by | Volume 29, Issue 3 | May – June 2023

Seventy years after his death, Brother William Islip Collyer (always known by his second name) remains one of our community’s most popular authors. Born in Leicester in 1876, he was baptised at Leicester in 1893 when he was 17. His earliest contribution to our literature was published in The Christadelphian for May 1895; another longer piece from his pen was published the following month. Until he fell asleep at the age of 77 on 10 March 1953, his insightful writings continued to grace the pages of that magazine, and later The Testimony, in the first issue of which he wrote the lead article.

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