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Brethren, Pray For Us

January – February, 2019

This single, understated, verse was written by Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:25. It was a personal request to the ecclesia to include Paul, Silas and Timothy in their prayers. How much is revealed and yet […]

Yahweh Is My Portion, Saith My Soul; Therefore Will I Hope In Him

January – February, 2019

Reading: Lamentations 3:1-41 As members of a generation at an end of an age, it would be profitable for us to consider some of the last words of the prophet Jeremiah, who also lived at […]

Song of Solomon (Part 10)

January – February, 2019

9th Song: 7:1-9 The Glowing Beauty of The Bride The setting for this song, as with the eighth song, is within the garden. The marriage of the Lamb has taken place, Yahweh’s enemies have been […]

Job – The Beloved Servant of Yahweh (2)

Throughout the debate phase of the book, Job achieves victory over the friends and develops in faith, but a problem is also highlighted. Initially, Job had believed, like his friends, in exact retribution (4:3-4; 31:23) […]

How Are You?

January – February, 2019

The most common greeting when we meet someone is to say, “How are you?” It is thoughtful to inquire about the welfare of others, but most who ask, “How are you?” don’t really want to […]