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Be Strong and of a Good Courage

March to April, 2021

At the time of writing, the coronavirus has infected over 100 million people and resulted in more than 2 million deaths. And the toll on human life continues to rise. As a community of believers, […]

The Beginning is Now

March - April, 2021

This exhortation is based on Luke 21 and was given a few days after gatherings of more than ten people were banned in Australia to curb the spread of coronavirus. How are we all feeling […]

Babylonian Captivity – The Ecclesia in Exile (10)

March - April, 2021

Ezra: A Ready Scribe (Part 1)   589BC? Born 0 yrs 588BC Seraiah, his father, dies 1 585BC Jerusalem destroyed Taken captive to Babylon 4 570BC Death of Ezekiel 19 539BC Decree of Cyrus First […]

Zechariah and the Shepherd of Israel (5)

March - April, 2021

Woe to the Idol Shepherd Throughout the Scriptures the justice of Yahweh is presented in a poetic fashion: “as man soweth, that shall he also reap,” and perhaps there is no more useful way for […]

Jonah – The Enigmatic Prophet

March - April, 2021

The Great City In our last article we saw Jonah, saved from his horror of drowning, acknowledge God’s intention to include Gentiles in His purpose. He promises to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and faithfully perform […]