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Grudge Not

March – April, 2018

When James wrote to the twelve tribes scattered abroad he spoke a great deal about the need for an energetic and vibrant faith. It is one thing to believe the Word of God; it is […]

Priests To Our God – Leviticus 21

March – April, 2018

The Law – an Eternal Story Reading the book of Leviticus is no easy task. It is a legal document, and legal documents are difficult at the best of times. To make the task harder, this […]

Psalm 22 – The Messiah’s Mind (Part 6)

The Messiah’s thoughts and feelings are described in the present tense for the first half of Psalm 22: “They have compassed me”, “I am poured out”, “my bones are…”, “they pierced”, “they part”. All these […]

Song of Solomon (Part 5)

March – April, 2018

Fourth Song: 3:1-5 The bride searches in the night for her beloved The last Song left the bride in a state of glorious expectancy as she awaits the call from her groom to come away, […]

Begin, Move

March – April, 2018

There is a Chinese Proverb which says, “Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only to stand still”. Begin where you are. But begin. Act. Move. Don’t just stay where you are. It is amazing […]