Several Christadelphian books can help us in our daily Bible readings during January and February. The following are some suggestions which are available from the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (


  • The Genesis of Blessings by Andrew Walker
  • Genesis 1–2: A harmonised and historical reading by Peter Heavyside
  • The Way of the Tree of Life by Geoff Henstock
  • The Genius of Creation – a study of Genesis 1 to 6 by Paul Cresswell
  • Abraham the Friend of God by John Martin
  • Abraham & Sarah—Heirs Together by Roger Lewis
  • For Better, For Worse by Mark Vincent


  • The Exodus – a commentary on Exodus 1 to 15 by Mark Vincent
  • Moses My Servant by Harry Tennant
  • The Wilderness of Life by John Martin
  • Let Them Make Me a Sanctuary by HC Gates
  • Tabernacle Study Guide by Michael Ashton


  • The Praises of Israel (in three volumes) by Dudley Fifield
  • Psalms 1–4, Psalms 42–72 and Psalms 73–106 by various authors
  • God-Governed Life in the Psalms by Dennis Gillett
  • The Sons of Korah—their Faith and their Psalms by Jonathan Cope
  • Exploring the Psalms by Mark Vincent
  • Psalms 1, 15, 23 and 72 by various authors


  • The Teaching of the Master by LG Sargent
  • The Sermon on the Mount by Jim Luke
  • Nazareth Revisited by Robert Roberts
  • A Life of Jesus by Melva Purkis
  • The Messiah and His Ministry (Part 1) by Andrew Walker
  • Parables of the Messiah by John Carter
  • Miracles, Wonders & Signs by Michael Ashton
  • Jesus – Healer & Teacher by Fred Barling
  • Miracles by John Bilello
  • The Temptations of Jesus by Vic Aucott
  • The Forerunner—John the Baptist by Mark Allfree
  • Mary: Handmaid of the Lord by Geoff Henstock
  • Women of the Bible by various authors
  • The Sign of His Coming by Sid Levett and Geoff Henstock


  • Mark: The Gospel of the Son of God by LG Sargent

Additionally, SJ Knight has written three works of historical fiction based on the gospel records:

  • A Time to Hear
  • A Time to See
  • A Time to Speak


  • Paul’s Letter to the Romans by Bro John Carter

1 Corinthians

  • The Challenge of Corinthians by Bro Michael Ashton

As we commence another year in our Lord’s service let us seize the opportunity to complement our daily Bible readings with the reading of some of these books written by faithful brothers and sisters.