2:21 – And I gave her space

– Gk chronos – time; season

to repent of her fornication;

– the Lord continually seeks repentance (v5, 16, 22; 3:3, 19) – he used the work of the Apostle John in his letters to warn these false teachers

and she repented not.

– Jezebel knew of the miracles of Elijah, but this failed to change her; instead of repenting they became hardened in their ambition and sought to dominate the ecclesia

2:22 – Behold,

– if the elders were hesitant in acting against the evil, the Lord was not

I will cast her into a bed,

– the bed was used for immoral purposes (v20); now God rewards them with a bed of tribulation

and them that commit adultery with her

– judgment was also for her disciples

into great tribulation,

– this is the persecution of v10 – 10 years, empirewide, affliction sometime during the reign of Trajan (AD98–117); God would ensure that its ferocity would reach this ecclesia

except they repent of their deeds.

– note the Lord’s attitude – still holding forth an opportunity to change, right to the very last

2:23 – And I will kill her children with death;

– these children = children of spiritual whoredom = seed of the serpent = children of subsequent generations from first century to the Lord’s return

– killing with death = description of violent death because it is based on the history of the OT where every descendant of Jezebel (except Jehoash) suffered violent death (2 Kings 1:17; 9:24, 27; 10:7, 17; 11:1-2); all her followers were also slain (2 Kings 10:20-27)

– the Roman persecutions would bring war and suffering to the terrorists

and all the ecclesias shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.

– allusion to Jeremiah 17:10; 20:12; Psalm 7:9

– important principle now extended to ecclesial life as well as individual life

2:24 – But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira,

– there were two classes who were not following the doctrine: the elders (you) and the rest (Gk loipoy – trans. remnant in 12:17) of the faithful in the ecclesia

– these were like the 7000 who had not bowed the knee to Baal (2 Kings 19:18)

as many as have not this doctrine,

– i.e. the teaching of v20 – immorality and idolatry

and which have not known

– they knew all the arguments, but the sense of the word ‘know’ is to believe and practice the evil doctrines

the depths of Satan, as they speak;

– these false teachers changed the simplicity of Christ’s teaching into profound and complex allegories; instead of concentrating on the deep things of God (1 Cor 2:10), they introduced Greek philosophies and professing themselves wise, they became fools

– everything was now a mystery; this is the beginning of the stout words of the beast (Dan 7:8)

I will put upon you none other burden.

– clearly the Jezebel class sought to place additional doctrines and deep philosophies upon the ecclesia; they were unwanted and unnecessary burdens – the Lord didn’t require these

2:25 – But that which ye have already

– the burden they had already was: to hold fast to the faith, to contend for the faith, to resist error, to try the errorists, to withdraw from them if they had spurned the opportunity to change, to edify and shepherd the ecclesia

hold fast till I come.

– hold fast to what? – my name (v13); the crown

of life (3:11); our profession (Heb 4:14); apostolic teachings (2 Thess 2:15)

– what was the coming? – for them it was the coming in tribulation and judgment (v22-23), for us it is his literal return

2:26 – And he that overcometh, and keepeth

– Gk tereo – to guard from loss or injury

my works

– not just the Lord’s words, but his works, must be kept; doing, as well as listening, is critical

unto the end,

– requires endurance (Matt 24:13; Heb 3:6,14; 6:11)

– we can never relax the battle (Psa 119:33,112 – great challenge)

to him will I give power over the nations:

– why was this highlighted? – they belonged to a military city and knew all about Rome’s conquest of the world; the Lord was now offering them a similar hope; if they could exercise true judgment in the ecclesia against false teachers, they would be rewarded with a decisive role of judgment in the future age

2:27 – And he shall rule them

– Gk poimaino – to tend as a shepherd – they were being prepared for this role by tending the flock at Thyatira

– image of shepherds in the kingdom age (Jer 3:15; Isa 30:20-21; Ezek 34:23; Ezek 37:24)

with a rod of iron;

– quotes Psalm 2:9 – warning against those who wish to break the restraints of Christ’s doctrine and practice (v2-3); appeal – repent (v10-12)

– at the present they were under the iron heel of Rome

as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers:

– symbol of shivered pottery – cannot be made whole again ( Jer 19:10-12); the stone cut out of the mountain (Dan 2:34-35) is the crusher of the potter’s vessels; scattered into dust by the effect of the Word (Luke 20:18).

even as I received of my Father.

– I will declare the decree (Psa 2:6-8)

2:28 – And I will give him the morning star.

– symbol of immortality (1 Cor 15:40-42; Dan 12:2-3)

– a reference to the planet Venus, which was a herald of the new day

– Gk = the star belonging to the morning; morning = dawn of the kingdom

– in 22:16 represents the Eternal Spirit (root of David) in Jesus when he was raised from the dead

– collectively represent the angels (Job 38:7) (Picture being part of that group!)

– star mentioned in the prophecy of Balaam (Num 24:17)

v29 – He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the ecclesias.

– prior to this letter, each epistle finished describing the reward – from now on they finish with this phrase (emphasizing the need to listen and respond)

That Woman Jezebel The Harlot Mother 
1 Kg 16:31Daughter of a kingRev 17:2; 18:3Daughter of a king
1 Kg 18:4Ruthless against opposition
Rev 17:6Murdered saints
2 Kg 9:22Utterly immoralRev 17:5Harlot
1 Kg 18:19IdolaterRev 9:20-21Idolater
1 Kg 21:15A dominating wifeRev 18:3Dominates all nations
1 Kg 21:10A treacherous schemerRev 18:23Deceiver
2 Kg 9:31Refuses to repentRev 16:9,11Refuses to repent
2 Kg 9:30Loved personal adornmentRev 17:4Loved personal adornment
2 Kg 9:33Trodden under foot by horsesRev 19:14Trodden under foot by horses