Colour scheme

By colouring down the border of your margin in just 5 colours through most of Revelation you can quickly see what type of chapter you are reading:

Blue–for Visions kingdom or the kingdom-community

Green–for Seals (Judgments on Pagan Rome)

Yellow–for Trumpets (Judgments on Christian Rome)

Orange–for Vials (Judgments on Papal Rome)

Red–for Development & Destruction of the Beast System

Revelation Breakup and Colouring Exercise

Rev 1 Vision of the Son of Man

Rev 1:1—things which must shortly come to pass
Rev 1:19—write the things (A) which thou hast seen, (B) the things which are, and (C) the things which shall be hereafter:
A) The vision he had just seen in Rev 1
B) The letters to the seven ecclesias – Rev 2&3
C) The rest of Revelation – Rev 4–22
Rev 2-3—Letters to the 7 Ecclesias – no colouring required
Rev 4 Vision of the Throne in Heaven
Rev 5 The scroll unlocked by the Lamb – Jesus opens the locked scroll

Seals – Judgment On Pagan Rome

Seals begin – Seals 1–6
These first six seals cover a relatively short period of time Rev 6:1—first seal – AD 96-183 – Period of Peace
Rev 6:3—second seal – AD 183-212 – Peace dismissed
Rev 6:5—third seal – AD 212-235 – Famine and distress
Rev 6:7—fourth seal – AD 235-303 – Widespread death
Rev 6:9—fifth seal – AD 303-311 – Souls under the altar
Rev 6:12—sixth seal – AD 312-324 – Political upheaval
v12—Great Earthquake 1

Rev 7 Vision of the Kingdom – God’s true servants sealed

8 Seventh Seal – Described v 1–6 revealing the 7 trumpeters

Trumpets – Judgment on Christian Rome

Period before the first Trumpet sounds – 8:6

Trumpets 1-4 – First four trumpet judgments
Rev 8:7—first trumpet sound – AD 395-410 – Alaric and the Goths
Rev 8:8—second trumpet sounds – AD 429-477 – Genseric and the Vandals Rev 8:10—third trumpet sounds – AD 433-453 – Attila and the Huns
Rev 8:12—fourth trumpet sounds – AD 476-553 – Odoacer and the Heruli

Rev 9 Trumpets 5-6

Rev 9:1—fifth trumpet sounds (1st Woe) – AD 632-932 – Mohammad and the Saracens
Rev 9:13—sixth trumpet sounds (2nd Woe) – Eastern Empire – Constantinople falls, Ottoman Turkish empire rises

Rev 10 Vision of the Kingdom

Rev 10:4—seal up what the seven thunders have said (seven thunders to come after the seven vials – they are yet to be revealed)

Rev 11 Sixth trumpet continues; seventh trumpet sounds

Rev 11:1-13—sixth trumpet continues – this time focused on the Western Roman Empire – period of the witnesses (political and religious witnesses)

Rev 11:14—the second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly

Rev 11:15—seventh trumpet sounds (3rd Woe) – the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever – God’s purpose to be fulfilled during the seventh trumpet (The events contained in the seventh trumpet are outlined in detail from Rev 15–19.)

Connecting thoughts:
Rev 11:18 –“ thy wrath is come” – Rev 15:1 – “the wrath of God”
Rev 11:19 – “the temple of God was opened in heaven” – Rev 15:5 – “The temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened”

Trumpets –Judgment On Christian Rome

Rev 12 Explains the Development of the beast system

Why? The ‘beast’ is suddenly introduced in Rev 11:7.
The record goes back to give more detail about how this beast system developed from the end of the Seal period through the Trumpet period.
The record makes sure that it first outlines the history and events surrounding the saints, itthen turns to concentrate on the description of the one persecuting them.
Note: Daniel was always concerned with the fate of the saints and worrying for their safetyfirst. The apocalypse takes a similar angle, always describing the destiny of the saints first.

Development of the Beast System

Rev 13 Development of the beast system 

“It is the purpose of Revelation 12 and 13 to trace the development of the persecuting power of Christianized Rome, and its war against the saints…” from Dragon and the Lamb pg 42

Rev 14 Vision of the Kingdom

Falls straight after Rev 13 has described the rise of the beast. Rev 14 quickly reminds us that the beast will ultimately lose!
Rev 14:8—Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great

Rev 15 Detailed expansion of the summary of the seventh trumpet

Rev 11:15-19—reveals the events of the seven vial judgments
Rev 15:8—and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled

7 Vials – Judgment on Papal Rome

Rev 16 Vials 1–7 poured out

Rev 16:1—first vial – upon the earth – 1789-1793
Rev 16:3—second vial – upon the sea – 1783-1815
Rev 16:4—third vial – upon rivers – 1795-1815
Rev 16:8—fourth vial – upon the sun – 1804 – 1815
Rev 16:10—fifth vial – upon the throne of the beast – 1808-1815
Rev 16:12—sixth vial – upon the Euphrates – 1820
Rev 17: 17—seventh vial – Babylon destroyed – 20?

Destruction of the Beast System – Rise of the Kingdom Of God

Rev 17 The destruction of the beast system – the rise of the harlot beast
Rev 18 The destruction of the beast system – the fall of the harlot beast
Rev 19:1-10 Marriage supper of the Lamb
Rev 19:11-21 The destruction of the beast system and the triumph of the King

The Kingdom Age

Rev 20 The Kingdom Age –1000yr Millennial Period and Rebellion after Rev 20:3—“Till the thousand years be fulfilled”
Rev 21 The Kingdom Age – New Jerusalem – God all and in All
Rev 22:1-6 The Kingdom Age
Rev 22:1-6—God all and in all – The garden restored – Curse reversed – Everything put right
Rev 22:7-21—Final Warning – Jesus is Coming