We would encourage all to read this lecture by Brother Roberts as it gives an uplifting
word picture of the transformation of this evil world into a place where all the earth
is filled with Yahweh’s glory. Not only does it clearly set forth the doctrines associated
with this change, but it gives an encouraging perspective of this wonderful time.

The Overall Objective

 To show that in all God’s doings there is purpose and a predetermined end, particularly in relation to improving the lives of those who would believe in His scheme of human redemption.


 Man has in all ages been unable to govern himself with any degree of success. There is to be a government under the Lord Jesus Christ which will last for one thousand years (Rev 20:6), and be like no other ever experienced by man. Despite this fact, this kingdom will only be a bridge to a more glorious existence unable to be comprehended by the mortal human mind.

The development of this transition is set out in the following points:

God’s Intervention in Human Affairs is Inevitable

 • The testimony of previous lectures clearly demonstrates the purpose of God to take control of human affairs

• This interference however is not limited to the establishment of the perfect government of human generations.

The Mission of the Kingdom is to Subdue all Enemies Under Christ

 • The kingdom is just a step in the march of God’s purpose to “gather together in one all things in Christ” (Eph 1:10).

• “All enemies” can be extrapolated under various headings—eg governments (Dan 2:44), violence (cp Psa 74:20), “caste, ignorance, and depravity of the people” (Hab 2:14), self interest, commercial competition etc. “The last enemy to be destroyed is death” (1Cor 15:23–26).

Jerusalem—the Centre of Knowledge and World Change

 • The prophets leave no doubt that world change will emanate from Jerusalem (Zech 14:16,17).

• When the earth is filled with “the knowledge of the glory of the LORD” it follows that the ignorance and barbarism of the time will have vanished (Jer 3:17).

The Final Enemy to be Destroyed

 • Death will still be prevalent amongst the “mortal” population (Isa 65:20)

• The rulers (saints), priesthood (saints) and Christ himself are not subject to death (Luke 20:36)

• The second death and resurrection is the hope of the mortal population during this period (Rev 20:7–15)

• The second resurrection follows the same principles as the first.

Death Continues in the Mortal Population— Therefore a Need Exists for a Priesthood and Sacrifices.

 • Priesthood (Levites) subject to laws concerning death and sacrifice (Ezek 44:25)

The Blessedness of Obtaining the First Resurrection

 • The first resurrection is not superior to the second (Rev 20:5)

• Blessedness relates to the honour of leading mankind from their present miseries to the blessings promised in Abraham.

Jesus Christ—The Sovereign Head

 • Christ abdicates the position of sovereignty at the end of the millennium (1Cor 15:24–28)

• The role of Christ at the end of the millennium is discussed by Brother Roberts..

• At the end of the millennium the leadership of the Father is manifest no longer through His Son but directly.

“During the thousand years, the headship of the Father is a visible fact in the headship of Christ. But at the end of the thousand years, the headship of the Father is manifest direct” (p 269).


 The kingdom of the one thousand years is but a transitional period between the purely animal and purely spiritual ages. It will blend elements of both.