Caleb (6) – “He Had Another Spirit”

Article of 5 in the series Caleb – “He Had Another Spirit”

Exposition | by | Volume 29, Issue 4 | July – August 2023


In Joshua 21 we are informed about the casting of lots for certain portions of the land for the Levites. In verses 10-11 we learn that God was going to decide which Levitical family would inherit the cities in the tribe of Judah, and Hebron in particular. We also learn that these children of Aaron were to be apportioned 13 cities amongst the tribes of Judah, Simeon, and Benjamin.

It is significant that the first city mentioned was Hebron (v11,13). Why is Hebron being emphasised by position and repetition? One reason is because Caleb had given it up as his inheritance—we have seen evidence for that in previous articles. A second reason is that while the many children of Aaron would be divided amongst the 13 cities, the direct high priestly line probably lived in Hebron.

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