• Corinth (1)

    Corinth (1)

    Early history Corinth, or more accurately Korinthos, is a very ancient city, thought to have been inhabited from 900BC onwards. Homer records in The Iliad (690BC)—alluding to the mythical origins of Corinth—the list of ships […]

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  • Athens (4)

    Athens (4)

    The Epicurians In the previous article we considered some of the overlap of the Bible with the Stoick doctrines. In this article we will briefly consider the Epicurean doctrines. The Epicureans, like other philosophers, liked […]

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  • Athens (3)

    Athens (3)

    Athens was a place of learning and a centre of human wisdom which was greatly admired in the Roman Empire. It was known for hosting various schools of philosophy, and philosophers abounded, each one having […]

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  • Athens


    The fate of the Persian fleet At the same time the battle of Thermopylae was taking place, a naval battle was taking place in the straits of Artemisium. This conflict consisted of a series of […]

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  • Athens

  • Miletus

  • Philippi (2)

  • Philippi (1)

  • Berea

  • Thessalonica

  • Amphipolis

  • Neapolis – Kavala

  • Mytilene

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  • The Island of Kos