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  • The Wonder of Water

    The Wonder of Water

    Water, like carbon, has a special role in living things. It is needed by all known forms of life. All organisms on earth are made up mostly of water; thus, water is the biological cornerstone […]

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  • The Midbar

    The Midbar

    There is a great deal of difference between the pasturelands which did not have enough water to grow crops, but still had enough grass to feed the animals, and the “great and terrible wilderness” of Sinai. […]

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  • Water from the Rock

    Water from the Rock

    Exodus 17 – Israel at Rephidim – no water to drink Paul is alluding to the incident recorded in Exodus 17. Were the record informs us that “all the congregation of the children of Israel…pitched in Rephidim”. […]

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  • Persian Gardens

    Persian Gardens

    At Pasargadae, on the dusty yet fertile plain of Morghab in southern Iran, lie the remnants of the first great Persian garden constructed by Cyrus the Great, once filled with exotic plants and animals. Gardens […]

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  • Time to Open the Door

  • The Taking of Beersheba – 100 Year Anniversary