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  • The Tomb of Daniel

    The Tomb of Daniel

    As we stood in the shadow of the tomb of Daniel, we were overwhelmed by a great sense of awe as we considered the amazing example of this man of faith, “a man greatly beloved” […]

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  • Confession and Abjuration

    John Thomas was born in England in 1805, a time when England was at war with Napoleon and the whole of Europe was dominated by conflict and uncertainty. The whole of society was in a […]

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  • “He Shall Call Upon Me, and I Will Answer Him” Psalm 91:15

    In this article we shall explore the close relationship and understanding between the Father and His Son during his ministry. The previous article in this series dealt with similar matters, but in a more general […]

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  • Lift up your Heads; for your Redemption Draweth Nigh

    The Lord described our age as one full of distress, turbulence, anxiety and bewilder­ment (Luke 21:25-26). We should not be surprised therefore at the increasing pressures that seem to come upon us daily. For the […]

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