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  • COVID-19: 10 Biblical Lessons

    COVID-19: 10 Biblical Lessons

    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually all aspects of life, culture and business. News reporting, both true and false, adds to the deluge of information and horror stories that choke our minds. The sheer scale […]

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  • Death – The Last Enemy (Part 3)

    Death – The Last Enemy (Part 3)

    In our previous two articles, we reviewed the EC proposal that “death” and “mortality” are referring to two different unrelated concepts, and found it to have no scriptural basis. EC proponents teach that the death […]

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  • Death – The Last Enemy (Part 2)

    Death – The Last Enemy (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of this article we highlighted the erro­neous view of Evolutionary Creationism (EC) relating to the subject of death. We noted that in the OT the Hebrew word for death (muwth) occurs around […]

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  • Human Nature Essentially Mortal, as Proved by “Nature” and Revelation

    Brother Roberts in the first lecture in “Christendom Astray” spoke of the Bible as the only source to find the Truth. He encouraged his readers to “search the scriptures” carefully for therein is the clear testimony of […]

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