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  • Wives, Submit Yourselves Unto Your Own Husbands

     These words are the key phrase in the Apostle Paul’s instruction to wives in Ephesians 5:22-24. It is a remarkable thing that in a subject like marriage, of which so much has been written and […]

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  • The Sanctity of Marriage

    With these words the Lord Jesus emphasized the sanctity of marriage. It is God who hears and acknowledges the solemn vows entered into by husbands and wives in which fidelity to each other is promised […]

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  • Will you go with this man?

    MARRIAGE begins before the wedding day. Not, as we have seen, in the most intimate physical sense; but in the building of a new relationship. Marriage is a structure, a true building, and not merely […]

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  • Born Free

    Have you ever been questioned by someone engaged in collecting information by Gallup poll or some similar fact-finding agency? If you have, you were probably forced to say ‘Don’t know’ in response to some question […]

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  • It Hurts