Just one Sentence

Condensation is commonplace in today’s modern world. From condensed milk to powdered eggs and potatoes we find that many familiar items are reduced, condensed, or dehydrated so that they take only a fraction of their former space. Records are reduced … Read more “Just one Sentence”

Time to Open the Door

War. It is not something we like to dwell on, and we certainly don’t dream of being part of one. As a nation, there were many times when Israel had to fight in wars for God.

Today there is still

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Ecclesiastes and Other Studies

It is “a pity that so few biblical scholars have been poets” laments Brother LG Sargent in Ecclesiastes and Other Studies. Brother Sargent was a highly competent poet, as can be appreciated in the soaring poetry of Hymn 91 … Read more “Ecclesiastes and Other Studies”


The incident took place at Troas as the Apostle Paul and his companions were on their way back to Jerusalem in the course of Paul’s third missionary journey about 57 AD. Luke, who had sailed from Philippi with Paul to … Read more “Eutychus”