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  • A pebble in your shoe

    Recently we saw a sign which said something to this effect: “It’s not the mountain before me that is stopping me, it’s the pebble in my shoe that hurts when I climb”. It is true […]

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  • God Loveth a Cheerful Giver

    God Loveth a Cheerful Giver

    We are told very emphatically in the Scriptures what God loves and what He hates. He hates idolatry (Deut 16:22). He hates those who love violence (Psa 11:5). He hates hypocrisy and untruthful worship (Isa […]

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  • Walking in Holiness Today (4)

    Walking in Holiness Today (4)

    The joy of living in holiness The overarching connection that joins all our considerations of holiness in the Father’s service is the ‘Joy of Holiness’. In this article we want to consider this wonderful blessing […]

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  • Song of Solomon (Part 4)

    Song of Solomon (Part 4)

    The groom’s call to “come away” and the bride’s response Having just expressed her unquestionable love for her beloved, the bride commences this third song by telling us that her beloved is coming. It is […]

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  • In Thy Presence is Fulness of Joy

  • Flowers