Benaiah – An Example of Loyalty and Courage

In 1 Kings 2 we read of David’s last personal words to his son Solomon: “Keep the charge of the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, to keep his statutes, and his commandments, and his judgments, and his … Read more “Benaiah – An Example of Loyalty and Courage”

The Pathway to Forgiveness

When the angel appeared to Joseph at the birth of God’s Son, he instructed him to call the child’s name “Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins” (Matt 1:21). In that simple declaration we have defined for … Read more “The Pathway to Forgiveness”

Babylonian Captivity – The Ecclesia in Exile (11)

Ezra: A Ready Scribe (Part 2)

This smallish group, carrying a fortune in gold and silver, faced a 1500 kilometre journey through treacherous, threatening country, led by a 74 year old scribe. A royal escort was available if Ezra requested … Read more “Babylonian Captivity – The Ecclesia in Exile (11)”

The Man from Baal-Shalisha

In the times of Elisha there lived a remarkable man from the area of Baal-Shalisha. The district wasn’t always called by that name. It was originally known just as Shalisha and was noted as the very place where Saul went … Read more “The Man from Baal-Shalisha”

He Commanded that Something Should be Given Her to Eat

The healing of Jairus’ daughter is an astounding miracle which allows us to understand that our Lord holds the keys of hell and of death in the power of his hand (Rev 1:18).

Mark records how Jesus took the young

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Saul (3/3)

Saul’s second test concerning the Amalekites has been likened to a ‘final exam’ that would determine his fate once and for all.1 The Task given to Saul was to ‘devote to destruction’ the Amalekites and all they had. ‘Haram’

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A Natural History of Biblical Lands (6)

The Sparrow

The Hebrew word is tsippor, which is rendered “fowl” seven times, “bird” 64 times and “sparrow” twice (Psa 84:3; 102:7). It is used of any small “clean” bird, but in the LXX the Greek word strouthion refers

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Job – The Beloved Servant of Yahweh (3)

The climax of the book of Job occurs over the space of six chapters (38–42) amidst what must have been a most dramatic scene.

The voice of Yahweh booms out over the noise of the whirlwind to Job. “Who is

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‘Living the Dream’ – Micah the Prophet

The Country Prophet

The opening verses of Micah’s prophecy in­form us that Micah was a country prophet living in Moresheth-Gath some 35 km south west of Jerusalem. He was contemporary with the prophet Isaiah who ministered in the city of … Read more “‘Living the Dream’ – Micah the Prophet”