First John (2) – Our Fellowship Is With The Father

The aged Apostle John is writing this epistle around AD90 to provide guidance and comfort to those brothers and sisters that had just experienced an ecclesial split, where those that followed the Gnostic heresy had left: They went out … Read more “First John (2) – Our Fellowship Is With The Father”

Seek Ye First (2)

Where are our hearts?

Our God requires us to trust Him implicitly. He requires us to believe what He has written in His Word: “without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Heb 11:6).

However, our belief has to be

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Persian Gardens

At Pasargadae, on the dusty yet fertile plain of Morghab in southern Iran, lie the remnants of the first great Persian garden constructed by Cyrus the Great, once filled with exotic plants and animals.

Gardens hold a hidden story: they

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“One Thing is Needful”

The above words were spoken by Jesus to Martha. He had been welcomed into the home in Bethany and Martha was busy serving while Mary, her sister, sat at Jesus’ feet, lis­tening intently to his words. This annoyed Martha and … Read more ““One Thing is Needful””

Following Jesus in the Way

We often hear familiar words as we bring to mind the sacrifice provided for us; as we acknowledge once again that the salvation we hope for is made possible only by the mercy and grace of the living God. “But … Read more “Following Jesus in the Way”