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  • Be Strong and of a Good Courage

    Be Strong and of a Good Courage

    At the time of writing, the coronavirus has infected over 100 million people and resulted in more than 2 million deaths. And the toll on human life continues to rise. As a community of believers, […]

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  • The Beginning is Now

    The Beginning is Now

    This exhortation is based on Luke 21 and was given a few days after gatherings of more than ten people were banned in Australia to curb the spread of coronavirus. How are we all feeling […]

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  • The God of All Comfort

    The God of All Comfort

    More and more we are hearing the expression ‘unprecedented times’ used by the media to describe the impact of COVID-19 upon our modern society. Some articles are reporting that unemployment rates are approaching those of […]

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  • COVID-19: 10 Biblical Lessons

    COVID-19: 10 Biblical Lessons

    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually all aspects of life, culture and business. News reporting, both true and false, adds to the deluge of information and horror stories that choke our minds. The sheer scale […]

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