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  • For Even Christ Pleased Not Himself

    Romans 14 and 15 are chapters that challenge attitudes. They challenge attitudes to others and in doing so provide us with a measure of our relationship with God. All of us like to know “how […]

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  • In All Good Conscience Before God

    God created us with an intellect capable of choosing between right and wrong. He is honoured when we voluntarily choose to use this intellect to do right. But we live in a society in which […]

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  • For Conscience Sake

    Many characters both in scripture and in history are remarkable for what they endured “for conscience sake”. The legendary endurance of the Christians under Roman persecution and more recently the faithful steadfastness of our brethren […]

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  • Christ and Caesar

    Christ and Caesar

    A Life of Holiness God’s will is that his servants should be a holy people – separate from the nations around them. This was the case for natural Israel and it remains the case for […]

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  • For Conscience Sake

  • Things Hard to be Understood (24)