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  • The Real Enemy

    The Real Enemy

    Christ has informed us as to who the real enemy of the Truth is. It is a message which only Christ’s true servants can hear and receive (Rev 1:1-3). In Revelation 13 we have depicted […]

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  • Babylonian Captivity – The Ecclesia in Exile (3)

    Babylonian Captivity – The Ecclesia in Exile (3)

    Ezekiel – Man of Vision, Son of Man Ezekiel was a man of vision. God showed him the future so clearly that at times he must have felt that he was actually living it. The […]

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  • The View From Over There. The Bear is Getting Restless.

    Last year we were writing when Israel’s ‘Operation Strong Cliff ’ or ‘Protective Edge’ was taking place. Here we are, just over a year on, and we can observe so many more prophetic pieces being […]

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