Born of Spirit

Born of Spirit (1)

Doctrine | by | Volume 30, Issue 2 | March – April 2024

Scripture is clear that God’s spirit will dwell in us if we are His children, and we will then be “in the spirit”, led by the spirit of God (Rom 8:9,14). A biblical understanding of the subject helps us to understand the wonderful tools God has provided to help change our natural thinking and reassures us of the certainty of God’s work with us, thus providing real confidence that “we are his workmanship”.

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Spirit (2)

Doctrine | by | Volume 30, Issue 3 | May – June 2024

The wonderful subject of the spirit of God[1] helps us understand how God works with us as His children. His spirit keeps us alive, and as His values and character develop in us, so the spirit of God dwells in us, and we are led by His spirit.

In the previous article, we examined the way in…

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