The Miracle of Modern Israel

In this consideration we will look at events of more recent origin relating to the circumstances leading to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

In the late 19th century, Palestine was under the control of the Ottoman … Read more “The Miracle of Modern Israel”

David: the Victory at Ziklag

Down through biblical history there have been some remarkable victories “against all odds”.

The case of David and his association with Ziklag and beyond is another case in point. 1 Samuel 29:1–2, 9–11 sets the scene. David would never have … Read more “David: the Victory at Ziklag”

Our Lord’s Conquest of King Sin

We come now to the last of our considerations under the above theme. And it is fitting that in doing so we consider the death and resurrection of our Lord. In our previous three articles we have looked at amazing … Read more “Our Lord’s Conquest of King Sin”

The Jews – Against All Odds

Recently I was asked to present a Sunday evening public address to the title: “The Jews – Against All Odds”. Although I had spoken many times before on the subject of the Jews, it made me think afresh as to
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