• Blessed is that Servant

    Matthew 24:42, 45, 46 We cannot be exactly sure when our Lord will return. We know from the signs that it will be soon. We do know that before his appearing there will be a […]

    / Feature - Rôle of the Watchman

  • Return to Eretz Israel

    Next year in Jerusalem. For centuries this was the plaintive plea at Passover of Jews in dispersion. Although cut off from their homeland and often persecuted in the lands of the diaspora, devout Jews retained […]

    / Special Feature - The Hope Of Isreal

  • Enduring Unto The End – Matthew 24

    There is a noticeable sense of urgency about  the New Testament. Most of the NT was  written with the storm clouds of AD 70  looming up. The Jewish state was about to go, the  Mosaic […]

    / Exhortation

  • Things Hard to be Understood (24)

    “Can any kind of bread and wine be used in the memorial meeting as the emblems?” This question has been a matter of discussion in our community from the days of John Thomas and Robert […]

    / Things Hard to be Understood