• Watching and Praying (1)

    Watching and Praying (1)

    Luke’s record of the Olivet Prophecy In our lectures, one of the most commonly used sections of Scripture on ‘current events’ is taken from our Lord’s words in Luke 21. As we relate the events […]

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  • Men Ought Always to Pray and Not to Faint

    Men Ought Always to Pray and Not to Faint

    The intent of the Lord’s parable of the ‘Unjust Judge’ in Luke 18 is clear: “men ought always to pray and not to faint” (v1). This command was given in a context that considers what […]

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  • Return to Eretz Israel

    Next year in Jerusalem. For centuries this was the plaintive plea at Passover of Jews in dispersion. Although cut off from their homeland and often persecuted in the lands of the diaspora, devout Jews retained […]

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  • Lift up your Heads; for your Redemption Draweth Nigh

    The Lord described our age as one full of distress, turbulence, anxiety and bewilder­ment (Luke 21:25-26). We should not be surprised therefore at the increasing pressures that seem to come upon us daily. For the […]

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  • Things Hard to be Understood (24)