Oh how great the thoughts of Yahweh

And His ways above our own.

Oh how wondrous is His purpose

Unto us in mercy shown.

When the earth lay yet in darkness

On the deep His Spirit stirred

And His power formed Creation

At the signal of His Word.

Where were we when God divided

Light from dark and day from night?

Where were we when all the angels

Praised our God with joy and might?

Did we see the floods divided?

Were we there when land was formed?

When the sun first ruled the daytime

And the sea with creatures swarmed?

Did we witness God’s Creation;

Every little detail made;

Birds and insects, man and woman

Each to see God’s power displayed?

Yet, although WE were not present

Yahweh made it all the same.

No-one counselled Him in knowledge

As He fashioned earth’s vast frame.

And all stands as first created;

Everything as He decreed,

None can stop the sun from shining

Or the plant from shedding seed.

We cannot prevent the seasons,

We can’t halt the dawning day,

We can’t stop a wave from cresting,

Or one hour’s time delay.

Each was formed from earth’s beginning

By the Word of God’s command,

And by His own power continues

In the pattern He has planned.

Through the ages of this planet

Has there yet a day gone by

When the sun has never risen

Or progressed across the sky?

Has our circuit ever drifted

From its course around the sun?

Have the laws which govern nature

Ever ceased since they begun?

No, the answer, all continues

God sustains this world with ease.

By His all-pervading Spirit

EVERY detail Yahweh sees.

If He then controls such vastness;

More than we can understand,

Cannot we then trust His judgment

As He moulds US by His hand?

Surely He who formed the heavens,

He whose power never erred

Can be trusted when controlling

Lives of those who know His Word.

And, as with the first Creation,

God’s great purpose governs all

As He works to make us ready

To respond unto His call.

Yet, as weak and fleshly creatures

We are stubborn in our way.

Nought but trial, pain and anguish

Will prepare us for that day.

But, no chastening is pleasant;

We are bowed beneath our plight.

In our misery and anguish

We can’t see that God is right.

We cannot perceive His reason,

We can’t see His plan unfold.

So we falter under pressure,

As we’re squeezed into His mould.

We can’t see the wider picture.

We don’t have eternal view.

Fleshly thoughts, like fog, enshroud us

And our gaze cannot pierce through.

We can’t see beyond the present.

We are blinded to God’s way

As we struggle with our burden

Which has not been moved away.

So, we ask ourselves the questions:

Why must we in grief remain?

Why has God not acted for us;

Cleared our path of deepest pain?

Yet His purpose will be finished

In the manner always planned,

And in wisdom He is guiding

Sons and daughters to His Land.

It WILL take the deepest trials,

But, although we know despair

We gain comfort from the knowledge

That our lives are in His care.

If the God of heaven’s vastness

Sees the tiny sparrow fall

Will He not acknowledge likewise

Those who trust Him for their all?

How much more are we than sparrows

In our great Creator’s sight?

We are called and blessed of Yahweh;

Those in whom He takes delight.

So, although we know not reasons

Though we cannot comprehend

What God’s wisdom is unfolding

In the trials He will send,

We can trust His love unfailing.

We can trust His judgment sure,

For we know HE never falters

Though great trials we endure.

When at last we stand perfected;

When we recognise the plan;

When God’s purpose is completed

Which so long ago began,

All to us will be revealed.

We shall see the reasons plain

Why we suffered in probation;

Why we went through grief and pain.

And we won’t regret the shaping

Of our minds by trials great,

For without them we would never

Be in this immortal state.

So, we know there’s joy before us.

No-one’s anguish will compare

With the glory of the Kingdom

As God’s character we bear.

What are trials in the present

But a fleeting, passing day

Which prepare us for the glory

Which shall never pass away.