Several Christadelphian books can help us in our daily Bible readings during September and October. The following are some suggestions which are available from the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (

2 Kings

Josiah and His Children by Stephen Palmer is an excellent book on the life and times of Josiah. Its subtitle, Lessons for the Last Generation, indicates its relevance for our times.

1 and 2 Chronicles

After the frenetic closing chapters of 2 Kings, the opening chapters of 1 Chronicles with their lengthy genealogies can be challenging. A book which helps to unlock the lessons in these chapters is Family Trees of the Tribes of Israel by Tony Benson

Chronicles of the Kings by Michael Ashton covers 1 and 2 Chronicles comprehensively


The Lamentations of Jeremiah by George Booker and Tray Haltom


  • The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel by WH Boulton summarises the book chapter by chapter
  • Ezekiel: An Exposition of Chapters 1 to 39 by John Allfree is a detailed analysis of the first 39 chapters of the book


  • Exposition of Daniel by John Thomas
  • The Prophecy of Daniel by Edmund Green
  • Daniel Study Guide by Michael Lewis
  • Daniel: A Brief Illustrated Exposition by HC Gates
  • Obeying God Rather Than Man by Geoff Henstock has a chapter on Daniel and his friends
  • Of Hearts and Minds by Dennis Gillett has a chapter on Daniel


Books which consider all the gospel records were listed in the article published in the July – August issue. CSSS does not have any books available which deal specifically with Luke. Assistance with sections of the text may be found in the following works:

  • Of Hearts and Minds by Dennis Gillett has chapters on Mary and John the Baptist
  • Mary: Handmaid of the Lord by Geoff Henstock
  • The Forerunner – John the Baptist by Mark Allfree
  • The Lord’s Mount Olivet Prophecy by John Allfree covers much of Luke 22


  • The Gospel of John by John Carter
  • We Beheld His Glory by John Hellawell


  • Speeches in Acts by John Carter
  • The Acts of the Apostle by Paul Cresswell
  • Beginning at Jerusalem by John Hellawell
  • Obeying God Rather Than Man by Geoff Henstock has a chapter on Peter

1 and 2 Corinthians

  • The Challenge of Corinthians by Bro Michael Ashton
  • 2 Corinthians by Ron Abel covers chapters 1 to 5 and 8 to 9


The Letter to the Galatians by John Carter


  • The Letter to the Ephesians by John Carter
  • Portrait of the Saint by John Marshall


  • The Letter to the Philippians by TJ Barling
  • Philippians Study Guide by Michael Owen
  • Philippians by Jim Luke

In these extraordinary times we should continue to seize the opportunity to complement our daily Bible readings with the reading of some of these books written by faithful brothers.