Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther and Job

  • The Exiles Return by Michael Ashton
  • Nehemiah: Let Us Rise Up and Build by Ron Abel
  • Of Hearts and Minds by Dennis Gillett includes a chapter on “Ezra the Scribe – a Temple Builder”
  • Prayer: Studies in Principle and Practice by Melva Purkis and Cyril Tennant has a chapter on the prayers of Nehemiah
  • Women of the Bible includes an essay on Esther
  • The Education of Job by David Baird
  • The Book of Job by Cyril Tennant

Minor prophets

  • From Hosea to Zephaniah by Fred Pearce covers all the minor prophets prior to the exile
  • The Prophecy of Hosea by Cyril Tennant
  • Joel by Carl Parry
  • Amos Then and Now by David Baird
  • There is a chapter entitled “Obadiah” in Dudley Fifield’s book Glimpses of Glory
  • Mercy and Judgement—An Exposition of Jonah and Nahum by Geoff Henstock
  • Micah Study Guide by Reg Carr
  • Habakkuk by James Luke and Andrew Johns
  • Zephaniah by David Baird and Gary Steel
  • Prophets After the Exile by John Carter

Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians

  • Letter to the Colossians by TJ Barling
  • Walk Worthy of God by Brother David Emerson
  • The Man of Sin (2 Thessalonians 2) by Ron Abel

Pastoral epistles – 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon

  • Letters to Timothy and Titus by Alfred Nicholls
  • Godliness with Contentment (1 Timothy) by Troy Haltom and George Booker
  • The First Epistle of Paul to Timothy by Barry Williams
  • 2 Timothy by Andrew Hill
  • Titus by Warwick Rosser
  • The Epistle of Paul to Philemon by Peter Tretola


  • The Letter to the Hebrews by John Carter
  • Hebrews A Thematic Study by WF Barling
  • Hebrews (study notes) by John Martin

James, 1 & 2 Peter, and Jude

  • The Epistle of James by Neville Smart
  • James Study Guide by Michael Lewis
  • The First Epistle of Peter by James Luke
  • The Second Epistle of Peter by Carl Parry
  • Jude (study notes) by John Ullman


There are many excellent works on this fascinating book, including:

  • Eureka (in five volumes) by John Thomas
  • Thirteen Lectures on The Apocalypse by Robert Roberts
  • Notes on The Apocalypse by CC Walker
  • The Apocalypse and History by WH Boulton and WH Barker
  • Interpreting the Book of Revelation by Alfred Nicholls
  • Revelation Study Guide by Michael Ashton
  • The Revelation—Which Interpretation? by Graham Pearce

May God bless you in your efforts to understand and apply His Word each day in November and December, and in whatever time might await us until our Master’s return: “even so, come, Lord Jesus!”