There are many Christadelphian books which can help us in our daily Bible readings during July and August. The following are some suggestions which are available from the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (

1 and 2 Samuel

  • Samuel the Seer (M Ashton)
  • The Man David (H Tennant)
  • The Ways of Providence (R Roberts: chapters 14-17)
  • The Visible Hand of God (R Roberts: chapters 23 and 24)
  • Eli, Hannah, Samuel, Saul, David, Nabal and Joab – Of Hearts and Minds (D Gillett)
  • Samuel and Saul – The Hand of the Lord (I Collyer)

1 and 2 Kings

  • The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel, chronologi- cal charts (P Livingstone)
  • The Kings of Israel and Judah (J Cowie)
  • The Ways of Providence (R Roberts: chapters 18-21)
  • The Visible Hand of God (R Roberts: chapters 24-29)
  • Solomon – Wise and Foolish (T Morgan)
  • Elijah the Tishbite (J Martin)

For those interested in the details of Solomon’s Temple:

  • From Sinai to Jerusalem: The Wanderings of the Holy Ark (L and K Ritmeyer)
  • Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament (L and K Ritmeyer)


  • Mighty to Save: The Message of Isaiah (R Willetts)
  • Ministry of the Prophets: Isaiah (CC Walker)


  • Ministry of the Prophets: Jeremiah (CC Walker)


  • The Teaching of the Master (LG Sargent)
  • The Sermon on the Mount (J Luke)
  • Nazareth Revisited (R Roberts)
  • A Life of Jesus (M Purkis)
  • Parables of the Messiah (J Carter)
  • Miracles, Wonders & Signs (M Ashton)
  • Jesus – Healer & Teacher (F Barling)
  • Miracles (J Bilello)
  • The Temptations of Jesus (V Aucott)
  • The Forerunner – John the Baptist (M Allfree)
  • Mary: Handmaid of the Lord (G Henstock)
  • Women of the Bible by various authors
  • The Sign of His Coming (S Levett and G Henstock)
  • A Time to Hear (SJ Knight)
  • A Time to See (SJ Knight)
  • A Time to Speak (SJ Knight)


  • Paul’s Letter to the Romans (J Carter)

1 Corinthians

  • The Challenge of Corinthians (M Ashton)

In these extraordinary times let us seize the opportunity to complement our daily Bible readings with the reading of some of these books written by faithful brothers and sisters.