Author name: Joshua Robinson

Stand Still and Consider

Exhortation | by | Volume 29, Issue 5 | September – October 2023


In this present age, what is the most insidious threat to our spiritual lives? Physical torture and persecution are not a present threat in western countries, so is the most sinister threat the persecution of the mind? Or is it the tolerant spirit of society, that accepts every view and every lifestyle? Or is it issues within the brotherhood which mean that many become disheartened?

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Obadiah (1) – Background – Edom

Bible Marking | by | Volume 29, Issue 2 | March - April 2023

The origins of the enmity
The book of Obadiah highlights the relationship between Edom and Israel, and the animosity of Edom towards their “brother” (1:10). However, this is not the first time we read of such a strained relationship between these brotherly nations. In fact, the enmity of Edom towards Israel starts much further back,.

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