The Association of Christadelphian Ecclesias (AACE) was formed to provide a focus for discussion and cooperation relating to the organisational, spiritual and pastoral needs of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias in areas of mutual benefit without compromise to ecclesial autonomy. One of the stated objectives is: “To encourage all ecclesias to maintain the Australian Unity Basis of Fellowship as set out on pages 13 to 15 of the booklet Christadelphian Unity in Australia.”

Australia is a vast continent with a scattering of ecclesias throughout, sometimes separated by vast distances. Ecclesias vary greatly in size from hundreds of members in some areas to just a small handful of members in other areas. In serving member ecclesias, the AACE strives to uphold the Truth of God by regarding Scripture as the ultimate guide in our deliberations. We are committed to preserving the Truth in love, to supporting brothers and sisters to live at peace, and to assist them to serve God in sincerity and faithfulness. While the cause of unity is a key role for our Committee, every brother and sister can make a contribution by upholding the requirements of our Unity Basis and by refusing to accept the beguiling influences of the world.

The affairs of the Association are conducted through a Committee representative of member ecclesias in Australia, of which there are currently 97. All Christadelphian ecclesias in Australia meeting on the Australian Unity Basis are eligible for membership of the Association. Applications for membership are made in writing and supported by a statement that the ecclesia meets on the Unity Basis.

While not all ecclesias in Australia meeting on the Unity Basis are members of the AACE, ecclesias are encouraged to join so that greater communication and unity among ecclesias is facilitated.

Brothers who form the Committee are elected by regional member ecclesias. Over the last few years the Committee has taken into consideration suggestions from ecclesias on how the Australian ecclesial community might recognise and strengthen the unity achieved in 1958 and remembered 50 years on in 2008. The Committee has reported through the Minutes of meetings suggestions for activities organised in various locations to help foster further unity and recognise the tireless work of our brothers over the years in which unity discussions took place. The Committee’s main contribution has been to prepare a reprint of the Unity Book so that Scriptural principles on the atonement contained in it are readily available to all brothers and sisters. In addition, in 2005, the Committee produced and distributed to ecclesias a statement on the value of the Unity Basis entitled The Australian Unity Agreement.

Part of this statement reads:

“Since reunion in the 1950s, Australian ecclesias have enjoyed a long period of fruitful association. Our association has not been without its difficulties, however, but this should not surprise us. One of the more problematic challenges in our period of probation, as evidenced in Scripture, is to live together in peace and harmony… The overriding fact, however, is that brothers and sisters can and do live fruitful lives in Christ and ecclesias sincerely endeavour to uphold the Truth in its purity and live at peace with one another.”

While we are grateful for God’s blessing on ecclesias in the last 50 years, we recognise that encouraging unity is a continuous process that, God willing, will be completely achieved when our Lord returns and has established the long promised Kingdom we await.

AACE Committee

  • The full text of this statement, together with other Unity related documents, is available on the AACE web site: .
    AACE Committee for 2008 – 2009

Brothers elected at the end of 2007 for Committee membership in 2008–2009 were:

Brian Armour and Laurence Lepherd – Northern Region; Stephen Dodson and Frank Olsen – Central Region; Jack Lawson and David Morgan (Heathmont) – Southern Region; Brian Luke and Neville Rice – Western Region.

Brothers, sisters and young people are warmly invited to discuss with the Committee members matters relating to the AACE’s work. Emails may be forwarded directly to members or through the secretary – .