• A Strong Delusion – No Love of the Truth

    A warning from Paul During the first century, as the Gospel was spreading far and wide to the furthest reaches of the then known world, Paul wrote his second letter to the brethren and sisters […]

    / Papel Perversions

  • God’s Message Through Hosea

    Hosea was sent at a turbulent period in Israel’s history. He began to prophesy approximately 180 years after Jeroboam the son of Nebat took the throne of Israel. An apostate nation The false worship he […]

    / Exhortation

  • In Defence of the Scriptures

    A need to defend The Bible today is frequently scorned in the media as a book of Middle Eastern fairy tales, and criticised as redundant and irrelevant. We are living in an age of scepticism, […]

    / Contemporary Issues

  • The Weak and the Strong – The Path to Harmony

    Whatever we might think about Romans chapter 14, it’s clear that Paul has written a masterpiece. He delicately treads the treacherous middle ground, doggedly flanked on the one hand by “the weak”, and carefully watched […]

    / Exposition

  • God’s Message through Hosea