The Hope Of Israel

The 105th Psalm is almost certainly from the pen of David, for the first 15 verses are the same as in David’s song of praise in 1 Chronicles 16:8-22. The king was full of thankfulness at the return of … Read more “The Hope Of Israel”

The Last Appeal of Our Lord

It is commonly accepted that the Apostle John outlived the other apostles and the general picture is that this occurred in the last years of the first century.

We are fortunate to have many details of the Apostle John’s life

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100th Anniversary – The Balfour Declaration, November 1917

One hundred years ago the British Government issued a document which would change the face of Middle East politics for ever. On 2 November 1917 the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour wrote to Lord Walter Rothschild, a leader

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The Long Dark Night

When Emperor Hadrian was mopping up the remnants of Jewish inhabitants of Judea, his soldiers came across Rabbi Akiba, the 120 year old rabbinical sage who had in fact orchestrated the war against Rome and anointed bar Kokhba to be … Read more “The Long Dark Night”

“I Come to do Thy Will O God”

This article focuses on the beautiful way in which the righteousness of God and the love of God is so wonderfully balanced in the atoning work of God’s Son. It also seeks to highlight the importance of this work by … Read more ““I Come to do Thy Will O God””

The Reality of the Revelation

The book of Revelation was given to the apostle John by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the last word to his believers unto his coming in glory as King of kings and Lord of lords. So it must be … Read more “The Reality of the Revelation”

The Essential Background to the Present Islamic Crisis

In the brief summary of Abraham’s death, recorded in Genesis 25:5–10, it is stated that both Isaac and Ishmael were present at the funeral (v9). Yet the record specifically states, “And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac”. It Read more “The Essential Background to the Present Islamic Crisis”

“Not of the World”

“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you” John 15:19

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We live in an evil world where every value that is decent or Godly is being steadily undermined. Nowhere is this more evident than in the vitally important role of motherhood. A leading “feminist” said, “Every individual, woman as well
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Wives, Submit Yourselves Unto Your Own Husbands

 These words are the key phrase in the Apostle Paul’s instruction to wives in Ephesians 5:22-24. It is a remarkable thing that in a subject like marriage, of which so much has been written and about which even Solomon expressed
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Husbands Love Your Wives

The Apostle Paul was unmarried, but in just four verses of advice to husbands on their responsibilities, he mentions three times the need for husbands in Christ to love their wives. It is doubtful that we today would have written
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Except Yahweh Build the House

In this series we shall be considering helpful items relevant to the lives of our families. If Yahweh builds our houses, then, despite all the prevailing wickedness, we shall not labour in vain! God’s way is best.

The passage of … Read more “Except Yahweh Build the House”

The Beauty of Discipline

Several years ago a small article appeared in the Newsweek magazine entitled, “Scandinavian Haven for Brats”. The remarkable fact was that the Danish Government had actually passed a bill of legislation prohibiting parents from using corporal punishment upon their children.… Read more “The Beauty of Discipline”

By Lifting Up the Voice With Joy

Some of earth’s inhabitants have left an indelible impression upon the world. Over the brief span of their mortal years they have so risen above the behaviour or customs of the past as to provide a new standard for generations … Read more “By Lifting Up the Voice With Joy”

The Blessings and Fruits of Unity and Ecclesial Peace

When upon an ecclesial visit some months ago, my sister wife and I were taken to the Bible Class by two elderly sisters who apparently always go together on Wednesday nights. But this was a huge city and the suburban … Read more “The Blessings and Fruits of Unity and Ecclesial Peace”

God Finds His Man

We know the end to which Winston Churchill’s career would take him. God chose him for this. His vast accomplish­ments for the British Government in World War I and World War II, and much of it through his own unique … Read more “God Finds His Man”

Light Is Come Into The World

In the Gospel of John there are a string of pas­sages that present clear teaching on the subject of our responsibility to judgment. This interest­ing series show us the quite definite mind of the Lord upon the responsibility that came … Read more “Light Is Come Into The World”

Early Christadelphian Families in Country Victoria

With his well-known interest in ecclesial  history, Brother Ian Hyndman has produced a significant summary of the early  ecclesias in country Victoria.

The appreciative Australian Christadelphian  reader is going to  find much pleasure in perusing  these pages, either to discover … Read more “Early Christadelphian Families in Country Victoria”

Rome and Jerusalem

This intriguing work of 140 pages was written in the 1970s by Brother Graham Pearce and has been republished several times since. It continues to be popular because it fulfils a specific role and need.

When the angel introduced the

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