• Psalm 69 – “The Zeal of Thine House”

    Psalm 69 – “The Zeal of Thine House”

    We don’t feel comfortable reading Psalm 69. We probably prefer Sunday morn­ings, in fact life in general, to be happy and positive. We don’t enjoy thinking about sad things or bad and uncomfortable things. We […]

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  • For Even Christ Pleased Not Himself

    Romans 14 and 15 are chapters that challenge attitudes. They challenge attitudes to others and in doing so provide us with a measure of our relationship with God. All of us like to know “how […]

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  • A Report from the Principal

    The prophet of Israel describes a scene in the Kingdom Age and speaks of Jerusalem ringing with the voices of children playing in the streets. Life at Heritage College has been a small cameo of […]

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  • The Hope and Resurrection of the Dead

    All of us who have stood at a grave-side, have pondered the resurrection. It is the great comfort to those who mourn the loss of a loved one. A real hope, a real phenomenon soon […]

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