The prophet of Israel describes a scene in the Kingdom Age and speaks of Jerusalem ringing with the voices of children playing in the streets. Life at Heritage College has been a small cameo of that scene, with over one hundred children from Christadelphian families enjoying the environment, company and learning at the college.

We count ourselves very blessed to be able to work in such a lovely environment where the children have responded so positively to the atmosphere of the college and clearly, like the staff, enjoy being there.

Each week we focus our spiritual activity on a Scriptural principle which provides a theme for our Bible reading, discussions and prayer. We have been thrilled with the children’s response to the learning of the weekly quotation and to the setting of personal practical objectives that are related to the week’s theme. Themes have been “Diligence”, “Gratitude”, “Respect”, “Kindness”, “Peaceableness”, “Joyfulness”, “Initiative”, “Self-Control” and “Honesty”. Children are taught the spiritual significance of these characteristics and encouraged to reflect them in their lives.

The musical instrument tuition classes have begun well with approximately forty three pupils learning an instrument during college time. Next term we plan to start a college orchestra and choir.

We are very appreciative of the support we have received from so many brethren and sisters in the work of the college. Many have given and continue to give a great deal of time and energy and their labours are very much appreciated.

This month about forty young children involved in pre-school Play group joined the college on Tuesday mornings adding a further dimension to the life of the college programme. Having Play group on site will assist greatly in the transition of pre-school children into the Junior school. Other pre-schoolers are invited to join Play group on Tuesday mornings 9.00am to 12.00noon.

The classroom programmes are now well under way. Sound classroom routines are set and a positive tone within the college makes for a very pleasant environment. There are so many lovely opportunities during the day in which the principles of the truth can be brought into the classroom programme and personal discussion.

We thank our God for this bountiful blessing and for the very visible hand of Providence in this work. We seek His continued guidance in the development of the college that our young ones may be brought up in the nurture and admonition of His ways.