This book is an extensive review of the prophecies  concerning the latter day resurrection  of the nation of Israel. It is 160 pages in length and is both easy to read and exceedingly  interesting as the authors review events of the last  120 years. The book is very well researched and  sources are well documented along with recommended  further reading.

The first two chapters briefly review the importance of the promises made to Abraham and their  relevance to today, along with the dispersion of the Jews 2000 years ago. The following chapters deal  with the early resurgence of the Zionist movement  and the timeliness of the Balfour Declaration, along  with the personalities of these times. The Middle  Eastern battles in the First World War are dealt with  in their relation to the “drying up” of the Turkish  Empire, opening the way for Israel’s resurgence.

The impact of the Holocaust and the Catholic  complicity with Hitler make for chilling but riveting  reading. All the while, the authors are not just reviewing  the twentieth-century history of the Jewish  people, but quote extensively from Scripture and  sources relating to these events. The emergence of  the Palestinian issue and the rise of Israel as a nation  and their challenges, along with quite interesting  statistics, are discussed in detail. A very interesting  chapter has been included dealing with the relationship  between various US Presidents and the State  of Israel. Details in respect to Lyndon Johnson and  his links to our community are related and make for  fascinating reading. An overview of the lack of peace  for the city of Jerusalem is included. A summary of the conflicts associated with the city succinctly  portrays its turbulent history.

The closing chapters deal with scriptural passages  relating to our current times and what we all hope  is the very near future, culminating in the return of  our Lord. Th e authors very clearly defi ne what they consider to be ‘absolute’ categories of prophecies and  those that may be ‘less certain’. The ‘absolute’ list is  reassuring and will be of much encouragement to  readers. Some readers will, however, be somewhat  disappointed with the lack of conclusiveness in  respect to some topics such as the identity of the  northern invader, Tarshish and Armageddon. The  authors present detailed information and sources  for the comments they make.

The authors have undoubtedly raised our  awareness of the providence of God amongst the  nations, both currently and in the past 120 years.  They have also peppered their book with reminders  of our personal need to be ready for the coming of  the Lord and to have our priority centred upon his  appearance. Undoubtedly, we have been given “the  sign of his coming” in our days.