Eighteen years ago the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service published a book with the title The Revelation—Which Interpreta­tion? by Graham Pearce, the well known initiator of the annual Milestones. It was in response to a growing fascination by some with what we believe to be unscriptural interpretations of the last vital message of our Master. The Protestant Reforma­tion partially freed Europe and other places from the deadly shackles of Romanism by defining the Roman church as the Harlot on the beast. But the counter Reformation, initiated by the Catholics to regain lost power, deliberately propagated the Preterist writings of Alcazar, a Spanish Jesuit who started the idea of a first century fulfillment of the book of Revelation involving the Jewish nation. The futurist idea by Ribera, another Jesuit, again took the heat off the Roman Church. But it was the Jesuit Manuel de Lacunza y Diaz of Chile who wrote a book under the pseudonym Juan Josafat Ben Ezra published posthumously which had the greatest impact on prophetic studies and modern futurism. It turned Protestants and Non Conformists away from the continuous historical interpretation and back into the clutches of the mother church.

To rescue Christadelphians from this disastrous trend, this book was issued. It looks at preterist and futurist interpretations written by those in the broth­erhood and in a few short pages capably demon­strates why they are incorrect. Chapter 1 shows that the Revelation was a book given to be understood and not merely for interest or discussion. Chapter 2 presents the claims of historical interpretation. The other chapters look at alternative views and show why they are incorrect. There are four appendices:

  1.  Daniel and the Apocalypse
  2.  Is the Apocalypse a chronological progression?
  3.  An update on a revised futurist edition, and
  4.  A Biblical principle of interpretation.

There is a list of further reading and a handy alphabetical index. Let us not be deceived by Jesuit propaganda, whether ancient or recent.

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy.”

Available from Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (08 8278 6848), cost $7.50.