During late 1969 the incipient idea of a new ecclesia in the North Eastern part of Adelaide arose simultaneously in the minds of a small group of ecclesial members of both the Woodville and Enfield Ecclesias. This was mainly due to the increasing incidence of brethren and sisters choosing to live in the general council area of Tea Tree Gully, together with the relatively large size of these “mother” ecclesias and the general enthusiasm of those concerned who had been drawn together initially with a strong Gospel Proclamation interest.

Consequently the Arranging Brethren of the Enfield Ecclesia appointed an initial steering committee, including members of both Enfield and Woodville Ecclesias, with a view to the establishment of a new lightstand.

A six month trial period of lectures (based upon the doctrines of the Truth as opposed to the harlot system) at the Tea Tree Gully Institute was then commenced. Because there was consistent strong support by a reasonable number of brethren and sisters during this period a meeting was held at which it was agreed that an ecclesia be commenced. A memorable fraternal evening was held in the Institute Building on 20 June 1970 to commemorate the ecclesia’s commencement, at which Bro John Martin spoke concerning the foundation principles of ecclesial strength to the theme “On this Rock I will build my Ecclesia”, taken from Matthew 16.

The meeting place for ecclesial functions soon transferred after this to the Hope Valley Memorial Hall on Valley Road, Hope Valley (where the ecclesia continued to operate until the completion of their new hall).

Study classes were initially held in the homes of brethren and sisters. A Sunday School commenced in the new Sunday School year in 1970. Arranging brethren’s meetings were initially attended by all members. Soon the ecclesia was to be overwhelmed with the loving generosity of Brother Alec and Sister Phyl Goodwin who presented a huge parcel of land to the ecclesia as a gift to initiate the building of an ecclesial hall.

The hall was subsequently built with the incredibly dedicated activity of all members in order to save costs. There was ecstatic joy at the commencement of activities at the Hall, together with a touch of sadness that the homely atmosphere for ecclesial functions would be gone forever.

Many enjoyable activities were held over the years which rolled by. The ecclesia continued to have a strong gospel bias, culminating with the erection of a large illuminated lecture display signboard, daily heralding the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and the obligations of the public to put their house in order and consider Bible truth.

In 1977, due to a rapid fall in ecclesial membership, an urgent call went out for support, and a large number of Enfield Ecclesial members, together with several serving Arranging Brethren who lived in the area, gave their undivided and loyal support to the ecclesia. Since this time the ecclesia has enjoyed a large membership despite valuable members committing themselves to the establishment of other ecclesias.

The first Ecclesial Camp was held in 1972 on the property of Brother and Sister Thomas at Jamestown. Though the conditions were quite basic as we camped there mainly in tents, the spirit engendered through discussion on the Word of Life totally compensated for the lack in other areas.

Our first Ecclesial Camp to be held at a campsite was conducted at Cudlee Creek (near the Gorge Road in the Northern foothills) on 26–27 April 1986 on the subject “The Wilderness of Life”. Though the facilities were Spartan, a happy congenial spirit pervaded the ecclesia which has ever since looked forward to these functions with eager anticipation.

In 1993 the ecclesia held its first camp at Hebron and like most ecclesias now regards this campsite as a focus for fraternal fellowship and spiritual strengthening.

During 1994 the ecclesia lost the valuable services of a group of brethren and sisters, as they committed themselves to assist in formation of the Kersbrook and Mount Barker Ecclesias. However, despite their absence the ecclesia has maintained a considerable size (between 120 and 140) due to baptisms of the children of our ecclesial members.

It is our earnest prayer that before 1996 concludes our ecclesial history will be closed and we will be gathered to our Lord as part of His Multitudinous Bride, at last united as one, to the glory of our Father’s Name, unto eternity.