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  • Russian Naval Base in Sudan

    Russian Naval Base in Sudan

    Russia has struck a deal with Sudan to establish a naval base in the country, as Moscow seeks to expand its military reach in the Middle East and North Africa. On 11 November 2020, the […]

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  • Russia and the Balkans

    Russia and the Balkans

    When the Roman empire divided under the emperor Theodosius in AD395, the geographic split into east and west occurred along the area we know today as the Balkans. If we examine the map of the […]

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  • Song of Solomon (Part 5)

    Song of Solomon (Part 5)

    Fourth Song: 3:1-5 The bride searches in the night for her beloved The last Song left the bride in a state of glorious expectancy as she awaits the call from her groom to come away, […]

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  • Bible Marking

    The Watchman and His Duties Hebrew tsaphah = “to lean forward, to peer”. A watchman stands on a vantage point (Hab 2:1–3) and carefully observes the horizon for signs of danger or good news. Immediately […]

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