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  • Turkey in Bible Prophecy

    Turkey in Bible Prophecy

    Turkey is seldom out of the news media in recent times. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it has a role to play in the build up to Armageddon and the return of our […]

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  • The Lord has Come at Last!

    The Lord has Come at Last!

    The day began as usual – nothing out of the ordinary. Our morning prayer was made in the normal manner with thanks for the night’s rest and for the speedy return of our Lord from […]

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  • Be Not Discouraged

    Be Not Discouraged

    We need not be discouraged because of the stolid indifference of the people to the Truth. Flesh and blood is naturally swin­ish and unimpressible by the thoughts of God. The world, which is choked with […]

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  • “Lo, The Royal City”

    “The Final Consolation” written by Brother Robert Roberts has long held a treasured place in our literature expressing as it does the joy of the saints converging on the Temple of the future age. It […]

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  • A People Prepared for the Lord

  • Behold He Stands at the Door