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  • Grace, and its First Century Context (Part 3)

    Grace, and its First Century Context (Part 3)

    By grace are ye saved through faith Understanding the contextual framework of the times should also deepen our appreciation of the powerful concepts that Paul is speaking about in the following reference: “For by grace […]

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  • Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians Part XI

    III. C. A series of appeals (4:1–20) And now Paul launches two passionate appeals, the first to the head, the second to the heart of the Galatians. In the first (4:1–11), he affirms that they […]

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  • Leprosy and Sin

    In the March 1960 CHRISTADELPHIAN a study of Leprosy from the medical point of view was contributed by Brother WC Fowler. The subject was considered from the physical and public health aspects, and did not […]

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