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  • Family Foundations

    Family Foundations

    The incredible thing about godly parenting is how well it forms part of our spiritual development, and how it develops our understanding of our heavenly Father. It allows us to work together with Him and […]

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  • Merciful and Gracious, Longsuffering

    When Yahweh proclaimed His name to Moses He proclaimed His goodness (Exod 33:19) and this essentially sums up the force of Yahweh’s attitude towards His people. An integral part of that goodness is mercy, grace […]

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  • The Goodness of God

    These thoughts are taken from an article by Brother John Thomas published in the book “The Faith in the Last Days”. They are here reproduced in keeping with the Feature in this issue of The […]

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  • Grow in Grace: 2 Peter 1

    It was most likely 64-67 AD and toward the end of his life when the Apostle Peter sat down and penned the letter we know as Peter’s 2nd epistle. The experienced apostle wrote to those […]

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  • An Important Couplet