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  • Covid-19: Could It Fit the Angels’ Plans?1

    Covid-19: Could It Fit the Angels’ Plans?1

    Readers of The Australian would have found a remarkable comment on page 1 of the 20 March edition.“It’s as if we are living in the times of Noah just prior to the flood” said Robert […]

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  • “Follow the Lord” – Revelation 14

    “Follow the Lord” – Revelation 14

    There are two verses in this chapter that highlight the patience of the saints, the keeping of the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus (v12,13). The word translated “patience” is an extremely interesting […]

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  • The Simplicity that is in Christ

    This is a special edition of The Lampstand. Special, for the times call for it! The world rushes headlong to its destined end. A spirit of madness is in the air, spreading terror and confusion […]

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