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  • Watching and Praying (1)

    Watching and Praying (1)

    Luke’s record of the Olivet Prophecy In our lectures, one of the most commonly used sections of Scripture on ‘current events’ is taken from our Lord’s words in Luke 21. As we relate the events […]

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  • Superabounding


    God doesn’t do things by halves. The riches of His grace are not given to us in pinched precision or in limited measurement. Tragically, we live in a world where sin abounds, but to compensate […]

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  • Still, Small Voices and Vessels of Oil

    Still, Small Voices and Vessels of Oil

    The times of Elijah and Elisha were incredibly dangerous and difficult times for those who served Yahweh. Ahab and his incorrigible Zidonian wife, Jezebel, ruled the northern kingdom of Israel with an iron fist. Jezebel […]

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  • The Goat of Departure—The Day of Atonement

    “This shall be an everlasting statute unto you, to make an atonement for the children of Israel for all their sins once a year” Leviticus 16:34 The Law of Moses was intended to bring Israel […]

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