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  • Psalm 22 – The Messiah’s Mind (Part 6)

    The Messiah’s thoughts and feelings are described in the present tense for the first half of Psalm 22: “They have compassed me”, “I am poured out”, “my bones are…”, “they pierced”, “they part”. All these […]

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  • Seek Meekness

    Seek Meekness

    Zephaniah was a prophet raised up by God to warn Judah of coming judgement. He prophesied in the reign of Josiah and his words are a startling reminder about the dangers faced by those living […]

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  • The Character of Moses in Numbers

    Whilst the book of Numbers spans almost the entire period of the wanderings of Israel in the wilderness, we wish to focus our attention on the events that are centred on the second year in […]

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