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  • Ehud – The Power of God’s Right Hand (2)

    Ehud – The Power of God’s Right Hand (2)

    There was something else which happened at Gilgal, which would have fortified Ehud for the task ahead. Gilgal was the site at which the nation was circumcised. “Make thee sharp knives,” Joshua was told, “and […]

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  • Which Bible Should You Use? (5)

    First Principles under Challenge The previous article identified doctrinal problems arising either from the original language text itself or from the ‘dynamic equivalent’ interpretations of that text. A by-product of this interpretive philosophy was seen […]

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  • Moses – Salvation through Christ

    Through faith he kept the Passover When we read the record in Hebrews 11 carefully, we find some enlightening information about Moses. The choice of pronouns in verses 28 and 29 is quite telling. The […]

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