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  • Grace, and Its First Century Context (Part 2)

    Grace, and Its First Century Context (Part 2)

    Re-evaluating the Bible’s teaching on grace in light of this First Century context When the New Testament writers used the term “grace” they were doubtless aware of how the concept of grace was understood in society. They […]

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  • Turkey in Bible Prophecy (Part 1)

    Turkey in Bible Prophecy (Part 1)

    One hundred years ago the empire of the Ottoman Turk was dismantled. Today, occupying a much reduced territory, is the Republic of Turkey. The region is rich in history and has been described as the […]

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  • James the Just (Part 1)

    James the Just (Part 1)

    The Epistle of James is one filled with immense power. We often think of it as being a very practical book and, although this is true, it is so much more. It is a letter […]

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  • An Amazing Example of Fatherly Love (1)

    “For he was a good man, and he was led with the Holy Spirit and with faith” Acts 11:24. Threaded through the early chapters of Acts and almost hidden behind the scenes is a shadowy […]

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