Letters to the Editor – Vol. 25.2

I read your article on “Brethren, pray for us” and would like to make the following comments.

At a weekend study on prayer (among other topics) an anonymous survey was taken with very direct questions. It is so clear that

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The Memorial Meeting

 This concludes the series of articles by Brother Ron Hicks on this topic

Visits to ecclesias in the third world are a powerful reminder of the divine origins of Scripture. Why? Well, isn’t it remarkable that the gospel message can … Read more “The Memorial Meeting”

Taking Heed to the Ecclesia

“Taking heed” implies a conscious effort to safeguard the ecclesia from a “falling away” in these perilous last times. Firstly, it is incumbent on all who have “been adopted into the service of the King” to take heed lest we … Read more “Taking Heed to the Ecclesia”

Taking Heed to All the Flock

The need has always existed for well-versed brethren to be familiar with a wide range of Scripture and to be able to apply them to the circumstance of the moment. The apostle Paul speaks of the need for these mature … Read more “Taking Heed to All the Flock”

Primary Activities in Ecclesial Life

It is increasingly obvious that our community can so easily lose sight of its relationship with Christ as “head of the body” and, lacking commitment to Christ, drift into a self-orientated attention to many other temporal things. So the second
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As Unto the Lord

When God gathers out of the Gentiles a people for His Name, in most circumstances He provides an ecclesial environment within which the new converts can grow and contribute to the wellbeing of others. For those of us who have … Read more “As Unto the Lord”

The Ecclesia of God in Corinth

Responding to his commission to be the Lord’s “chosen vessel”, the Apostle Paul preached the gospel of Jesus Christ fearlessly and consistently and in doing so founded numerous ecclesias throughout the Roman Empire. There is no doubt that his vision … Read more “The Ecclesia of God in Corinth”