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  • The Pathway to Forgiveness

    The Pathway to Forgiveness

    When the angel appeared to Joseph at the birth of God’s Son, he instructed him to call the child’s name “Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins” (Matt 1:21). In that simple […]

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  • Still, Small Voices and Vessels of Oil

    Still, Small Voices and Vessels of Oil

    The times of Elijah and Elisha were incredibly dangerous and difficult times for those who served Yahweh. Ahab and his incorrigible Zidonian wife, Jezebel, ruled the northern kingdom of Israel with an iron fist. Jezebel […]

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  • Forgiveness and The Gospel

    Nothing is more definitely set forth in the gospel than the fact that its very heart is the work of Christ. Do we think of the gospel as the covenant with Abraham concerning everlasting inheritance […]

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  • Blessed is He Whose Transgression is Forgiven

    In this article we continue the theme of Prayer and look specifically at the principles involved in the second of the three sections into which the “Lord’s Prayer” can be divided, viz our requests to […]

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  • “By One Man”

  • Isaiah 59: 9–15 “Truth is Fallen in the Street”