Third Hymn Book

This second instalment of the History of the Christadelphian Hymn Book surveys almost six decades from 1874 to 1932 during which time three hymn books were published.

1874 Christadelphian Hymn Book, with  music and tonic sol-fa

A new hymn book … Read more “Third Hymn Book”

First Hymn Book The Golden Harp—1864

Brother Robert Roberts saw that “good singing greatly helps to open out the mind to the glorious thoughts embalmed in the words that are sung” and was the one instrumental in compiling the first of our hymn books in 1864.… Read more “First Hymn Book The Golden Harp—1864”


We live in an age of rapid change—perhaps faster than we can keep up with. The communication revolution and its associated technology  is changing our world. Instead of a carefully written letter composed with thoughtfulness and attention, our letters are … Read more “Tradition”